Our Story

It all started with a desire. A desire to create something special that not only my daughter and I could bond over during our forced downtime due to COVID, but also something that would allow us to share our faith and expressions with others.  There was so much chaos, hurt and confusion all around us.  It seemed as if the world was turned upside down.  So we decided to step out on faith and finally focus on the thing that we had mulled over for two years and put it into action.  This time with a specific purpose - to be the a shining light.

Through our Expressions our goal is to provide bring Light to a world through simple messages of faith that provide encouragement, hope and motivation while offering comfortable and stylish apparel that speaks to you while speaking for you.

This started as a family affair and each person that rocks our Expressions is part of the body of believers ready and willing to express their faith and share with others the good news of love and hope. Regardless of the distance between us we are all connected by our heavenly Father.  

We know that without God we are lost.

Be Blessed!


-The Hurley Crew